About Us

Welcome to SRHC Trust

SRHC (Sajjadur Rahman & Habibunnessa Chowdhury) Trust was established on 4th of January, 2015 by Mr. Bazlur Rahman Chowdhury, the eldest son of Mr. Sajjadur Rahman Chowdhury and Begum Habibunnessa Chowdhury in memory of his parents. Though the  Chowdhurys  were form Sylhet the trust in their name works all over Bangladesh.

Mr. Sajjadur Rahman Chowdhury and His wife Habibunnessa Chowdhury  were both engaged in various charitable as well as social activities. Between them they raised nine children. All their children are successfully established in life.

The trust maintains an Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh but its activities are spread throughout the country.  The trust extends its helping hand towards the needs of the poor, orphans, homeless, sick, abused women and practically every field where there is a need of financial assistance.

The trust is run by a Board of eight trustees and Mr. Bazlur Rahman Chowdhury is the Chairperson of the Trust.